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About us:

My name is Henri Boynton, and I like building things with meaning. 

I believe in craftsmanship. I think if you make something, you should be able to make something new and improved each time, not the same item over and over. 

I believe in open-mindedness too. There's infinite ways to put the world together and tear it apart all over again, and I'm looking to leave my mark with creative and distinctive works of art created for all kinds of people. 

More than anything, though, I believe in stories. If nothing else, humans are creators of stories. That's our 'superpower', the ability to leave behind a legacy that's not the same as the next person. The more unique, memorable and inspiring, the better.


Now I work towards creating an amazing story, for myself, for the people I love, and for anyone interested in pursuing their own. Let me know how I can build something for your story.


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