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To facet a gemstone is to give it a geometrically pleasing shape and a brilliant array of angles which can return light to your eyes in a way that is almost indescribably beautiful. The more precisely the alignment of facets on the stone are made, the greater the gem's potential is to create a powerful effect in the way the light interacts with the stone. 


Though faceting designs vary, the geometrical nature of faceting can make it difficult to create something unique each time. Fortunately, natural gemstone material contains tiny 'imperfections' and differences which tell a different story in every gemstone cut, and that's why we only use man-made materials on request.


Each stone we cut is filled with meaning, the look and feel of the stone creating a tale in the mind of the artist. By the time the stone is finished, a great deal of feeling from the artist has made a special story for you. 

Below are a few examples of our work which already have new owners:

Simple Amethyst

'Little Victory'

Spiral Fluorite


Complex Amethyst

'Unrelenting Fate'

Complex Citrine

'Tangled Sunbeam'


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